Friday, January 28

Google’s smart watch, Pixel Watch, will arrive in 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

In 2019 Google acquired Fitbit, which led us to believe that the company intended to strengthen its position in the segment of the wearables. However, despite the rumors, no Google smart watch has yet reached the market.

Fortunately for fans of Pixel phones this could change soon, as according to InsiderSources close to the company assure that the expected Pixel Watch will arrive in 2022. The company would already be working on the device that is codenamed Rohan.

Google is quite ambitious with this new product as, according to sources, the device is expected to cost more than any Fitbit model and to compete directly with the Apple Watch. The watch will have features for monitoring fitness and physical activity, such as a step counter and a heart rate monitor.

According to The Verge, Google was very close to launch this watch in 2019. Originally it was expected that the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, launched in 2017, would be marketed as part of the Pixel brand, however Google’s hardware division chief Rick Osterloh rejected the idea because they had “nothing to do with the Pixel essence ”.

It is also expected that with the arrival of the new watch there will be integration between Fitbit and Wear OS devices, the operating system for wearables based on Android that Google introduced in 2014. It is interesting news, as this operating system was almost ostracized, without major updates and with a timid collaboration with Samsung to combine it with Tizen.

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