Thursday, January 27

Got a travel credit or debit card you haven’t recently used? Check it won’t get automatically cancelled

Specialist travel credit and debit cards give near-perfect exchange rates worldwide, as well as letting you spend and withdraw cash fee-free-though you’ll often pay interest on the latter.

Though if you’ve not used your card recently, it’s worth checking to make sure you don’t need to take any action to keep it active. This is because some providers cancel cards or close accounts after certain periods of inactivity-though the lenders we spoke to said they will always try to warn you first (see below for full provider-by-provider info).

In the meantime, if you don’t already have a travel card, and you’ve got a holiday planned, check out our Travel credit cards guide for our top-picks, the cards to avoid, and how to check what your current card’s charging.

Will my card provider close my account due to inactivity?

The table below features all of the debit and credit providers we mention in our Travel cards guide. If your travel card provider isn’t included, and you’re concerned about your card being cancelled, get in touch with it and ask if you need to take any action to keep it active.

Note that many prepaid card providers also charge an inactivity fee if you don’t use your card for a set amount of time-see our Prepaid card warning news story on this for more info.