Wednesday, August 4

Governing is not power

The Government assures that it cannot do much more to contain the price of electricity, which is at all-time highs. “We have done what is in our power”, they say. It’s hard to hear that from a left-wing government while electricity bills continue to rise in the midst of the economic shock of the pandemic. The new rates and tax cuts announced in June will hardly be noticed in the July bill, which will be even higher and with less revenue for the public coffers. The price of energy does not stop rising.

Today in we explain for the umpteenth time where is the energy market problem, what options are on the table to try to solve it and why neither companies are interested nor governments have just dared.

The Vice President of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, is entrusted to the miracles of self-regulation and asks “Reflection” to the electricity companies: “they are not interested in seeing themselves on target, no matter how much money they are earning in the short term.” Ribera assures that the European legal framework prevents getting his hands on the pricing system. Ask Brussels for changes.

CIS survey

The PSOE, renewed with the change of ministers, is in better health than a few months ago, according to the latest CIS survey: Pedro Sánchez is recovering from the downward trend. In Unidos Podemos, they do not make the Yolanda Díaz effect profitable and lose support. Vox eats up the PP. The July Survey.



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