Friday, October 7

Government and PP close the renewal of the Constitutional Court and the Court of Accounts

The Government and the PP have closed the agreement to renew four of the constitutional bodies whose mandate had expired: the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman, the Court of Accounts and the Data Protection Agency. A week after announcing that the negotiations were restarting, the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, and the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, have agreed on the names that will be designated by Congress and the Senate in future sections. The changes in the General Council of the Judiciary are still pending, a great stumbling block and where the parties have approached positions in the last hours.

Government and PP agree that Ángel Gabilondo is the new ombudsman

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The first name to be confirmed has been Ángel Gabilondo as ombudsman. The former candidate of the PSOE in the Community of Madrid and former Minister of Education is one of the names that from the beginning was in the front line to direct the body that is responsible for ensuring compliance with fundamental rights in Spain. The Ombudsman’s Office remained in office since 2017, due to the change of Government and the subsequent refusal of the PP to reach an agreement that would allow the renewal. For the appointment to go ahead, the endorsement of Congress and the Senate with a qualified majority of three fifths is necessary.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, already said last Monday in an interview in Onda Cero that the appointment of the ombudsman corresponds to the party that has the most representation in Congress. Gabilondo will occupy it for five years.

Renewal of the Constitutional Court and the Court of Accounts

The parties have also agreed to renew one third of the Constitutional Court magistrates, the four who have to appoint Congress (2) and Senate (2), and whose mandate expired in 2019, including the president, Juan José González Rivas, and the vice president, Encarnación Roca.

The coalition government and the PP have closed the names that will occupy these seats: Enrique Arnaldo Alcubilla (lawyer of the Cortes Generales), Concha Espejel Jorquera (president of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court), Inmaculada Montalbán Huertas (magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia), Juan Ramón Sáez Valcárcel (magistrate of the National Court).

Appointments to the Court of Accounts have also been agreed. The names that will comprise it will be: Enriqueta Chicano Jávega (current counselor of the Court of Accounts), Isabel Fernández Torres (professor of Commercial Law at the UCM), Dolores Genaro Moya (counselor of the Court of Accounts), Elena Hernáez Salguero (former president of the Economic-Administrative Court of the Community of Madrid), Diego Íñiguez Hernández (magistrate of the Contentious-Administrative Court), Rebeca Laliga (Deputy Director General of Notaries and Registries of the Ministry of Justice), José Manuel Otero Lastres (Professor of Commercial Law) , Joan Mauri Majós (professor of Administrative Law, University of Barcelona), Javier Morillas (professor of Applied Economics), Luis Antonio Ortiz de Mendivil Zorrilla (lawyer of the Vizcaya College), María Luz Rodríguez Rodríguez (tax manager of the Barcelona Provincial Council) , Miguel Ángel Torres Morato (current chief prosecutor of the Court of Accounts).

As for the Data Protection Agency, the director will be Belén Cardona Rubert, professor of Labor Law at the University of Valencia, while her deputy will be Borja Adsuara Varela, lawyer and consultant in digital law.

The PSOE hopes that it is “a first step”

The PSOE parliamentary spokesman