Monday, October 18

Government and PP meet to address the renewal of constitutional bodies

The Government and the PP have held a first meeting to resume contact for the renewal of the constitutional bodies after the summons that Pablo Casado made to Pedro Sánchez in the control session of Congress this Wednesday. The opposition leader has urged the president to renew the bodies that have expired, with the exception of the Judiciary, for which he maintains the veto. The Executive has taken the gauntlet immediately and the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has telephoned the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, to resume contacts.

The meeting took place on Wednesday afternoon in Congress and was attended by the parliamentary spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, as well as Bolaños and García Egea – who led the dialogue in the failed negotiations of a few months ago.

The Government’s approach is to renew all the institutions that have their mandate expired while Casado intends to circumscribe it to the Court of Accounts, the Constitutional Court and the Ombudsman and leave out the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) for which it maintains the veto. The PP, which since 2018 has made different excuses to prevent the replacement in the governing body of the judges, now insists on changing the law to agree to modify its composition.

The Government rejects this legal modification, which would consist in the judges electing a part of the CGPJ. Although it is a European recommendation, the Socialists maintain that the Congress and the Senate, where popular sovereignty resides, must be ratified by the members of the Judiciary. In addition, from the Executive they recall that the current system contemplates that the judicial career makes a preselection of judges that the Courts later elect by a three-fifths majority.

“We are trying to convince the PP to renounce that constitutional insubordination,” said the number two of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, in an interview in the 24 Hours of TVE in which he recalled that the “urgency” that Brussels indicates is that the Judicial Power be renewed. “The PP cannot pretend that the law be changed because if it does not block, what it is doing is blackmailing Congress,” said Lastra.

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