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Government and PSOE are synchronized after two years of dissonances

In the world of music it is quite a ritual. The concertmaster stands up. The musicians are silent and the rehearsal begins. The first oboe is in charge of giving an A and the orchestra begins to tune. Then everything is melody. Pedro Sánchez wants everything to sound the same between the Government and the PSOE. Without fanfare and without dissonance. The remodeling of his cabinet, as already advanced by, will be followed by a profound renewal of the federal leadership next October. And from there will come the changes in the next electoral lists.

Sánchez greases the engine room of the Government and PSOE with his eyes already on 2023

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Everything is in tune. The same cadence to end the arrhythmic sound and the dissonances of the last two years between the Executive and the party. The first step has been to form in La Moncloa – around the president – a harmonious team made up of people all with socialist militancy who worked together for a long time. On the one hand, the new Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños. On the other, the return of Óscar López as chief of staff. A third leg, essential, with Fran Martín – in the absolute confidence of Bolaños – in the general secretariat and a fourth in the Secretary of State for Communication, with the Catalan socialist and friend of López, Francesc Vallés, at the helm. These last two symbolize what the party calls the return of a “lost generation” that the uproar of Spanish socialism broadcast in 2017 removed from the front line.

There will be more incorporations with this same profile to the second levels of the Government. More PSOE. The objective is to achieve a close association between the teams of the new incumbent President and those of the cabinet director, something that was conspicuous by its absence during the term of the already dismissed Iván Redondo, whose presence represented a fracture with Ferraz, who viewed the dividing movements that came from Moncloa.

With the departure of Redondo and the one that will take place shortly number two, Francisco Salazar –although he has been confirmed in the post–, the president intends to turn the page on those confrontations between La Moncloa and the PSOE, grease the machines of the Government and the party in the same direction with an eye on 2023 and the next general elections and that his cabinet and the organization are the same unit of destination.

It is a change of government “very well done”, reflects a territorial leader, who sees a “message of more internal political coordination with the party.” Unite everyone. The 40th Congress is that of all together that this comes hard “, adds this person who supported Susana Díaz at the time.” We must bury the sectors, which make us more aware of the things of the party than of victory, “he concluded .

Adriana Lastra will focus on the match

Sánchez seeks with his new Sanhedrin to replace the culture of image and propaganda to which Redondo devoted so much time to that of the political message, in addition to full coordination with the party, where Adriana Lastra, as deputy secretary general, will direct the other orchestra, together with Santos Cerdán, in the Organization secretariat. The claim is that your number two in the PSOE he dedicates himself exclusively to the party and leaves the parliamentary spokesman for Congress, according to sources close to the president. The name of her successor in Parliament has not yet been decided, but it is assumed that she will be another woman.

That turn and greater pampering to the party seek to promote a machinery that, since Sánchez arrived in Moncloa, has been largely neglected. During this time, it has been Cerdán who has been in charge of the relationship with the federations and of putting out the fires in the game, but without the stripes that being the Secretary of Organization gives. Although the harmony has been total with José Luis Ábalos, with whom he has a close friendship, in the socialist ranks they did notice a certain dysfunctionality in the apparatus due to having the main organization manager dedicated to the Ministry of Transport, Urban Agenda and Mobility , which is the one that moves the most budgets.

And it is that Sánchez is worried since the collapse of the 4M elections, despite the fact that the socialists made an effort to protect him from that hecatomb that has largely precipitated all the movements that have occurred since. In the party they warned that it was necessary to improve the communication of the Government’s achievements beyond the troubles within the coalition. Hence also that Sánchez has opted for more political than technical profiles in the relays with the incorporation of Isabel Rodríguez in Territorial Policy, who will also be the face of the Executive every Tuesday, of José Manuel Albares, a party diplomat to relieve Arancha González Laya, or Diana Morant replacing astronaut Pedro Duque in Science and Innovation.

Unite the party and pull the quarry for the electoral contests of 2023 – in which a renewal of candidates and also of the list heads to Congress is assumed after an electoral cycle in 2019 in which the commitments of the primaries were still present – are behind the reshuffle of the Government and will mark the changes of the party this fall.

All this in addition to the claim that the new government be identified with the economic recovery and post-pandemic Spain – which was seen in its premiere in the return to the traditional room where the Councils of Ministers were held before the coronavirus. , although the worsening of the accumulated incidence in recent weeks has put La Moncloa on alert, which this week received a blow from the Constitutional Court to the state of alarm decreed to face the pandemic in March 2020 and with which the right has once again deployed a tough offensive.

What they did not have in La Moncloa is that Redondo, already outside the cabinet, would use the Constitutional ruling to drill against the new presidential team. And it is that he and a “bad loser attitude” are attributed to the leak of an alleged division between the former first vice president, Carmen Calvo, and the new president of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, in line with the legal umbrella used to decree the lockdown. A neo-narrative that in La Moncloa they deny and that they relate to the unexpected departure of Sánchez’s former chief of staff and his animosity towards Bolaños.

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