Saturday, August 13

Government assures that the price freeze will be “a transitory measure”

The official confirmed that “This is a temporary measure to stop the price escalation”, while guaranteeing that “there would be no technical reason for there to be production problems, because most of the plants are working with idle capacity”. “We have not had supply problems, due to more ominous forecasts from many,” he said.

Likewise, Feletti said in statements to radio El Uncover that “the program is being carried out in all the major networks except for one case, which is ChangoM├ís, with whom we are going to interview on Monday.”

The Government will continue to seek agreements with companies to comply with the price freeze, as well as to extend it to as many businesses as possible. For now it is not in the neighborhood stores or in the so-called “Chinese supermarkets”.

They call to control prices

Meanwhile, the Government summoned mayors and governors of all the municipalities and provinces of the country to carry out, concurrently with the Nation, the inspection and control of compliance with the provisions established in resolution 1050/2021, which established that the Prices for 1,432 mass consumer products go back to last October 1 and remain so until January 7, 2022.

It did so through decree 745/2021 published today in the Official Gazette, which specified that in order to comply with the controls, the municipal authorities will adjust to the procedure and actions provided for in articles 10 and 12 of Law 20,680 on Supply, while that the judgment of the infractions will correspond to the Secretary of Internal Commerce of the Nation.

Article 10 of Law 20,680 establishes as a procedure, the elaboration of an infringement act, the admission of evidence and the resolution of the fact.

While article 12 indicates that officials may request the assistance of the public force; search during working hours and days of operation, industrial and commercial premises, production establishments, and request search warrants from the competent judges when this procedure must be practiced on non-working days and hours or in the home or room of the alleged person responsible.

They may also seize books and any other element related to business administration for up to 30 business days; intervene the merchandise in violation, even when it is in transit, appointing the depositary; and preventively close for up to three days the premises in which the infraction has been found.

In the same way, the mayors are empowered to intervene and declare immobilized the goods that have been the object of a maneuver aimed at reducing the supply; summon the alleged perpetrators and request their preventive detention from the enforcement authority.