Monday, December 6

Government begins dialogue with carriers, to find measures to mitigate the rise in fuel

Leaders of the transport sector went this Sunday to the central offices of the Transit and Land Transport Authority (Attt) to initiate a dialogue with the government authorities on the increase in the cost of fuel prices and how to mitigate it.

This meeting arises after several transport unions warned that they would go to a national strike on Monday, November 8 if there was no proposal by the State to contain the increase in the price of fuels, generated by an increase in the price of oil in the international markets.

And, in the midst of this controversy, last Friday, November 5, the National Energy Secretariat (SNE) announced a new increase in the price of fuel, which raised the cost of gasoline from 95 octane to $ 0.99 per liter, the 91 octane one at $ 0.97 and the diesel one at $ 0.87 per liter.

In addition to the unions, unions and members of the country’s public transport and cargo, the meeting was attended by the Vice Minister of Commerce and Industries, Omar Montilla; the director of the Authority for the Defense of the Consumer and Free Competition (Acodeco), Elías Cabrera; the director of the General Tax Directorate (DGI), Publio de Gracia; and the director of the Attt, Carlos Ordóñez.

In previous days there were several closures in different provinces for the same reason. To solve this problem, some recommend implementing a temporary subsidy or specific gasoline stations for carriers.