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Government Delegation authorizes a Falange tribute to Primo de Rivera in Madrid for the 20N

The Government Delegation in Madrid has authorized the events called by the Falange to pay homage to José Antonio Primo de Rivera this coming November 20, the date on which the execution of the founder of the far-right organization is commemorated.

The family of José Antonio Primo de Rivera requests his exhumation from the Valley of the Fallen

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This formation has published on its social networks that it has authorization to hold an act on Saturday the 19th at number 24 Calle Génova, a point very close to the home where Primo de Rivera was born. Subsequently, the Falange will continue the tribute to its founder with a demonstration to Moncloa and a march that will end outside the Cuelgamuros Valley, a complex where the tomb of Primo de Rivera is still located. This is the same liturgy that the Falangists have celebrated every 20N for years.

Mercedes González’s department assures that the far-right formation made mention of the Democratic Memory Law, especially to take the necessary measures to comply with article 61, which determines that “natural persons or legal entities that intentionally or negligently carry out the actions or omissions” that end as an infraction in the regulations.

In the response sent by the Government Delegation, according to department sources, the organizers of the act are reminded of articles 38 and 62 of the law that has just entered into force. Number 62 details which actions are considered minor, serious and very serious infractions and number 38 describes public acts contrary to democratic memory. For its part, from this department they also notify the conveners that if events occur that could constitute a crime, they can be brought to the attention of the Prosecutor’s Office.

As they have made public through their social networks, Falange asks attendees to collaborate “in the proper development” of their public activities. Among the requests they make, they are required not to carry flags or banners. “Only those distributed by the organization will be allowed,” they point out. In addition, they do not invite the protesters to improvise chants either, they suggest that they limit themselves to supporting only “the slogans and chants that are launched over the public address system.”

Bearing in mind that the family of Primo de Rivera asked the prior of the Valley of the Fallen and the Community of Madrid a month ago to exhum the remains of the founder of the Falange, surely this 20N will be the last year in which his body is found in the Cuelgamuros Valley.

With the Democratic Memory Law in force, the pre-eminence, in the words of the Executive, of the remains of the Falangist leader in that place no longer made sense. The new regulations contemplate the exhumation of all the victims who still remain in that common grave. The Government’s idea, embodied in the text, is to give new meaning to the entire space to turn it into a place of memory whose shape has yet to be specified. The family has advocated avoiding the conflict with the Government and carrying out all the exhumation procedures in private, according to sources from Valle to

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