Tuesday, November 30

Government eliminates withholdings for exports of SMEs

At the beginning of this month, the Ministry of Productive Development launched the new Exporta Simple 2.0 platform that facilitates exports to entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies that carry out national production.

Exporta Simple is a simplified export regime created with the aim of facilitating minor export operations for commercial purposes, through certain Logistics Operators (OLES).

The original plan began in August 2017 and since its launch, more than 21,400 operations for a total of US $ 61.5 million have been carried out to 117 destinations, with 1,550 products, and 860 new exporters have been added.

Exports are made by air and are capped at US $ 600,000 per year.

To enhance and facilitate export activity, the platform introduced changes to simplify the preparation of the foreign sales invoice, which is now managed by the exporter himself and no longer by the logistics operator.

The portal issues a Simplified Export Document (DES) that replaces the proforma invoice, and in turn, the exporter can track the status of their refunds and see the export quotas available in real time.


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