Monday, March 4

Government ensures that taxes on production will not increase

In the Government they assure that there will be no increases in the tax burden. In this sense, they point out that the fiscal consensus does not increase any taxIt simply fixes ceilings to harmonize the situation between the different districts. “All governors have already approved the budgets in their legislatures, that is the roadmap of what will happen with taxes and it will not be modified,” official sources explained to this medium.

Another question from the UIA was the possible extension of the tax on the free transfer of goods. On that point, from the Ministry of the Interior led by Eduardo De Pedro, they point out that the document signed by the President and the governors only opens the possibility of discussing it during this year and it is not an extended or imminent application.

After the public expressions, from the business entity they confirmed that next week the secretary Batakis, and Funes de Rioja, will have a technical meeting. In this sense, they indicated that it will seek to “expand the points of interest of the industrial sector regarding the implications of the text of the agreement” and that “it will be held on 4/1/2022”.

In the Ministry of Productive Development they envision a new growth of the industry for 2022, which would be around 4.5%. In this sense, they not only rule out that the sector must face new taxes, but also promote a series of bills that will be discussed in Congress during extraordinary sessions to generate tax incentives in strategic areas, such as agribusiness, hydrocarbons, electromobility and medical cannabis, among others.

The official strategy to guarantee the growth of national production will be to centralize efforts to guarantee the dollars that the industry requires. Practically all the products that are manufactured in the country have some input or some imported part, so the shortage of foreign exchange could be what marks a ceiling for the economic rebound of 2022.