Saturday, December 4

Government invests more than $ 7,800 million in a highway in Misiones

This work is complemented by the 12.9 kilometers of existing highway that extend from the Santa Helena neighborhood roundabout to the Pindapoy Chico stream.

The main works include the duplication of the road with a 2 + 2 profile separated by a wall of the New Jersey type; the construction of three bridges and four returns (roundabouts); and the adaptation of the toll zone, located before the junction with the RN 14.

The continuity of the highway will improve the conditions of circulation and road safety for more than 4,300 users and private users and transporters who daily travel through National Route 105, highlighted a statement from the National Highway.

The investment that the national State will make to complete the RN 105 highway is in addition to the more than $ 1,800 million that will be invested in the paving work of Provincial Route 2, and more than $ 3,000 million distributed in five projects that will improve the walkability of RN 12, two of which were started this week.

“The total paving of this provincial route and the completion of the RN 105 highway will allow an agile, direct and safe circulation for those who use this corridor in the southern towns of Misiones, in addition to favoring regional economies, transportation and The tourism”, the statement highlighted.