Monday, September 25

Government of Panama extend program “Pacifying my neighborhood”

The governor of Panama, Carla garcia revealed that the program “Pacifying my neighborhood”Has been very successful, noting that to date some $ 41,000 in bonds have been delivered in exchange for the delivery of firearms, so this initiative will be extended to other areas of the province.

“The Pacifying my neighborhood program has really been a great success. Look, we were only going to keep him for three days in the district of San Miguelito last week and then we were going to wait until next year to continue in the different townships, but due to the reception he has had, we have made the decision together with him. Ministry of Security (Minseg) to maintain it; Last week we were for five days in the district of San Miguelito in the different points, this week we have been three days in El Chorrillo and two days we stay in the village of Calidonia, specifically in the neighborhood of San Miguel, in the Libertadores Temple ”Explained Governor García.

The governor pointed out that the people who attend will not be asked for explanations and the entire process will be kept confidential, without forming lines.

In two weeks, more than 160 firearms, 120 suppliers, more than 16,000 ammunition and 14 explosives of different calibers have been collected.

“On Monday the 27th we will be at the Santa Rita stadium, in the town of Santa Ana, and Tuesday and Wednesday, that is, December 28 and 29, we will stay in the gym”Rocker Alcazar“In the town of Curundú, we have done all this work in coordination with local governments,” García said.

The governor stated that the people do not necessarily have to be from the townships or districts where the exchange of weapons for food is carried out and added that the hours that this program has is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm And this Friday, the 24th of December will be held until 1:00 pm in Calidonia.

García indicated that the program will be extended to North Panama, in sectors such as La Cabima, Chilibre and other areas; They will also be on the 8-10 circuit, specifically in the area of ​​Las Mañanitas, La 24 de Diciembre and Tocumen; and the Ministry of Education must determine if this program can be extended to other provinces based on the crime rates in these sectors.