Monday, September 20

Government partners ask to investigate in Congress the expenses of the Royal House that finance the ministries

The parliamentary partners of the Government have registered in Congress this Tuesday a request to create an investigation commission on the expenses of the Royal House, in order to know the exact amount that comes out of the public coffers to finance the Monarchy. In particular, the groups want to investigate the different public items to fund both public and private activities “of members of the royal family and the king’s family.”

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The petition has been registered by the Republican group (ERC) and has the signature of EH-Bildu, JxCat, PdeCat, CUP, Más País, Compromís and BNG. In the letter, the groups state that the commission seeks to “investigate and clarify the total amount of the expenses attributable to the public coffers derived from all the activities, both public and private, of the members of the royal family and the king’s family.”

Specifically, they ask to know the total budget items that support any of the activities of the king’s sphere and that come out of ministries or public estates, as well as their “opportunity, necessity and legality (or not)” of each of those expenses. . In particular, they point out “those carried out by the Presidency, Defense, Interior and Foreign Affairs.”

This newspaper already revealed in July that the economic information published by Zarzuela does not account for all the expenses related to the operation of the Royal House, since part of the money is paid by other departments.

For example, about 300 of the people who carry out their daily work in Zarzuela do not receive their salary from there but from the Ministry of the Presidency and National Heritage. Also from other departments such as the Interior or Defense, which assume matters related to security, or the Treasury, which makes available to Zarzuela means of the State Mobile Park, including 60 drivers “to manage official mobility (representation services and affairs general and incidents), both of the Headquarters of the State and of the personnel at the service of the House of His Majesty the King “.

The text of the parliamentary groups echoes this information. It states that “National Heritage took charge of the maintenance of at least 39 forest houses for an approximate value of about 666,000 euros between 2006 and 2020” or that this same department pays for the maintenance of “three swimming pools of the Royal House at a cost of more of 250,000 euros in charge of the public treasury “.

For this reason, they ask for a “detailed analysis of the expenses of the National Heritage that have as beneficiaries the members of the Royal Family or the King’s Family (or their friends, friends and lovers)”, as well as, they add, of “the current functions of the National Heritage Board of Directors and the accounts associated with it.”

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