Sunday, October 24

Government partners receive the Budget agreement with skepticism and demand negotiation

“Hopefully it’s a good deal.” With these words, the ERC spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufián, reacted on Tuesday, as soon as he learned that PSOE and United We could have managed to unravel the elaboration of those accounts with an agreement on Housing. He, like the representatives of other parties who are usually members of the Executive, have received the agreement with skepticism and have demanded that PSOE and United We can sit down to negotiate with their parliamentary allies to be able to approve the accounts before the end of the year.

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Inés Sabanés, from Más País, has also considered it “obvious” that the Government, within her, has reached an agreement, and recalled that the Housing Law that has been agreed has been drawn up by “civil society.” “It will always seem good to us that it is part of the budgets,” he said at a press conference in Congress. However, he has claimed not to know the content of the new accounts or “how green they are” or “how progressive”, so I preferred to wait for the Budgets to decide if your group supports them.

Along the same lines, the PDeCat spokesman, Ferràn Bel, has considered that the fact that there is an agreement “is the minimum that is expected of a government” and has wanted to downplay the fact that positions on the matter have been brought closer together. of Housing because, as he recalled, a similar agreement was also reached last year, before approving the accounts, and that housing law has still not been approved.

On the part of Unidas Podemos they have been more positive. Its spokesperson, Pablo Echenique, has assured that the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, “will be remembered” for being the minister “who did not yield a millimeter to the pressure of the vulture funds, fought the battle and managed to regulate the prices of rents in Spain “, alluding to the pact of PSOE and United We Can on housing

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