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Government partners refuse to increase the retirement age and ask for a greater increase in the minimum wage

At the beginning of the negotiation of the General State Budgets for next year, parties usually partners of the Government, which supported the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and also the latest accounts, have wanted to make it clear this Tuesday that they reject any type of measure that involves increasing the retirement age. They responded thus to the Minister of Finance and Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, who spoke of promoting a “cultural change” to work more between 55 and 75 years. In addition, all these partners have considered that the update of the minimum wage that the Council of Ministers plans to approve this Tuesday is “insufficient”, so they have demanded a greater increase.

Escrivà advocates “a cultural change” to work more until the age of 75

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The most forceful against Escrivá, who in an interview in the newspaper Ara He opened the possibility of continuing to work until he was 75 years old, although later he qualified his words, he has been the ERC spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufián. “The PP is looking for shadow ministers and he is a good candidate,” said Rufián ironically, insisting that “the important thing would be for people to be able to find work at 35 years of age.”

The spokesperson for EH Bildu in Congress, Mertxe Aizpurua, has considered “a real nonsense” what was raised by Escrivá, whom she has accused of launching a “probe balloon” since, as she has said, people over 55 years “even wanting to work they cannot” because “they have been expelled from the labor market”. “We will never support postponing the retirement age,” he stressed in the press conference that he starred in the Congress of Deputies. Their claim is that there are “decent wages” and that the precariousness of youth employment ends.

On the part of Más País, its spokesperson, Íñigo Errejón, has followed that same line and has criticized that it is “the fourth time” that Escrivá “is wrong”, in addition to regretting that “it is always for the same side.” “He is deeply mistaken,” he added, before stressing that “only by ending the precariousness of young people can the sustainability of pensions be achieved”.

United We can highlights its “fundamental role”

Regarding the rise in the minimum wage that the Council of Ministers is likely to address on Tuesday, Errejón has considered that “it is good news for workers” although he stressed that “if prices rise more than wages there is a” loss of income. purchasing power “of citizens, for which he considers that the increase should be adjusted to the CPI, in addition to” recovering collective bargaining “and approving” the repeal of the labor reform.

Mertxe Aizpurua, from EH Bildu, has also considered “positive” but “insufficient” that rise, while Rufián has limited himself to pointing out the following: “Anything that dignifies people’s lives seems good to us.”

From United We Can, one of the members of the Government, Gerardo Pisarello, wanted to recall the “fundamental role” of his party in raising the minimum wage and has criticized Escrivá’s words on retirement when the main problem in the labor market is precariousness.

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