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Government-sponsored event teaches buying cryptocurrencies

The 8th Financial Education Week (ENEF Week), an event promoted by the Brazilian government, is teaching participants how to buy cryptocurrencies safely and even invest in this market through the stock exchange.

The Financial Education Week is an initiative that started in 2014, proposing to teach investors to carry out operations in the financial market more carefully. Today’s investor to reap the rewards in the future is one of the event’s objectives.

The week has the participation of several institutions in Brazil, such as the Central Bank, CVM, B3, among others. These are lectures, courses, workshops, dissemination campaigns, sending messages, which must comply with the purposes expressed in Decree No. 10.393/2020, as well as the criteria of gratuity, absence of commercial bias, as it is prohibited to sell products and services during the event.

The decree establishing the initiative was signed in June 2020 by President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party), André Luiz de Almeida Mendonça (former Minister of Justice and Public Security), Paulo Guedes (Minister of Economy), Abraham Bragança de Vasconcellos Weintraub ( former Minister of Education) and Roberto de Oliveira Campos Neto (president of the BCB).

ENEF Week proposes to teach how to buy cryptocurrencies safely, for the first time

With the motto “Planning, Savings and Conscious Credit: The PLA-POU-CRÉ and your financial health“, the 8th edition of the ENEF Week brought an extensive program to be followed for six days, starting last Monday (8).

But during the event, for the first time in its eight editions, the theme of cryptocurrencies ended up calling the attention of the participants, who could count on several discussions on the subject.

Between buying cryptocurrencies safely and even lectures on financial education in the crypto world, the topic ended up being one of the main highlights of the edition. As all discussions are free, there is no need to pay to participate.

However, to follow the events, just enter the official site of the event and see the schedule.

B3 organized an event on how to buy cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange

With 1,222 initiatives in the 2021 edition, the agenda is full of lessons, which last until next Sunday (14).

One of the events was organized by Brazil, Stock Exchange, Counter (B3), which teaches participants to buy products listed on the stock exchange associated with the cryptocurrency market.

Thus the first nationwide event to speak upon how to buy cryptocurrencies still goes on for a few days, promising to teach citizens to understand their financial choices, at a time when inflation in Brazil continues with expectations of staying at 9%, considering only the year 2021.

“When citizens understand the factors that influence their financial choices, they are able to balance their immediate desires with their long-term needs. One of the effects of this is the increase in the habit of saving, an important pillar of financial education. So everyone wins, since a financially educated citizen also contributes to the collective well-being, either because this qualification results in a more solid and efficient financial system, or because each person is better able to deal with emergencies and difficult moments in life .”

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