Sunday, December 10

Graffiti with Nazi swastikas and the legend “this is not a flag” on a rainbow bench in Calp

Once again, intolerance emerges and, as often happens, it targets the most stigmatized groups. This time it’s up to the LGTBi +. In Calp, a bench painted in the colors of the rainbow has appeared with Nazi graffiti and symbols, as reported by The Marina Plaza..

It is a bank located in Plaça de la Sort. As many municipalities have done, Calp painted it with the colors of the flag that is the symbol of the LGTBI+ collective. This Monday, the stripes with the colors of the rainbow appear blurred with two Nazi swastikas and a phrase: this is not a flag.

The PSPV-PSOE of Calp has denounced some graffiti that has “truncated” the festive atmosphere in which the municipality has been immersed these days, with the celebration of its patron saint festivities. The Socialists regret the graffiti, which “have clear overtones of a hate crime.” With events like this, they add, “Calp risks its reputation as a hospitable and tolerant town if it does not act forcefully” to prevent a recurrence.

On the other hand, the PSPV regrets that the side has been wearing Nazi graffiti for days and the city council has not done anything to erase them. “Amazing the difference in treatment from the Mayor’s Office depending on which symbols are tarnished,” says their statement. Along the same lines, he continues: “Many remember the mayor’s triumphant press releases, brush in hand, repainting the Spanish flag located on the bench on the Fossa beach promenade. A propaganda fact that, far from normalizing, may possibly have planted the germ in a struggle of symbols. The repeated demonstrations made by the government team are a fertile field for these types of messages of hate and intolerance to proliferate.”

For the socialists, “the duty of politics is to ensure social peace, that does not imply opting for one group or another, it implies the same treatment for all, with special interest in the most vulnerable. That is why one would expect from the local government, given the acts that took place in Plaça de la Sort, the same treatment that the Fossa bank received, including a public complaint of rejection of hate crimes.”

Waiting for a response from the Mayor’s Office, the PSPV-PSOE is considering filing a complaint for a hate crime in order to access the recordings of the multiple establishments around the square. The image of Calp, its tourist and cultural appeal depend on the seriousness with which this type of acts of vandalism with a background of hate are taken.