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Grand Touring 7 you have two schools to consider. Pilots tired of racing against artificial intelligence can head to the multiplayer pavilion located in the lower right corner of the world map. On the other hand, drivers looking for more competitive action have the option of Sport mode.

In Sport multiplayer mode, inherited from Grand Touring: Sport, players compete in daily races to increase their Driver Ranking (DR). However, they will have to know the best settings if they want to win or even finish one of the daily races.

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Each daily race (A, B or C) has certain restrictions. However, with so many cars to choose from, hampered by horsepower and weight requirements, how can racers gain a competitive advantage? We’ll also talk about the upgrades you need to buy and how to know which cars are the best.

Modifications for Sport mode

At the time of writing, there are only two daily races available, A and B. As we know from Grand Touring: Sportthere will be a third daily race available, presumably when these first two run out.

According to the official website of Grand Touring 7, the developers plan to cycle daily races at “irregular intervals,” meaning we won’t know when they will change. With that said, here are the best mods that work with any car.

For this section, we’ll be focusing on Daily Race B, which is currently Deep Forest Raceway. In this case, our car must meet the following prerequisite:

  • road car
  • 295 HP or more
  • Not lighter than 2646 lbs.
  • no nitro
  • Hard sport tires

Car type, tire choice and nitro are pretty easy to manage. However, getting your car within the HP and weight range can be tricky.

While you can enter the race with any vehicle that meets those requirements, you’re only doing yourself a disservice. It’s not an option you should minimize/maximize your cars in sport mode Grand Touring 7.

But what does that mean? That you are more than welcome to enter the daily race B with a 276 HP car that weighs 3,200 pounds. Know that everyone else will leave you behind. To bring your cars up to par, you will need to purchase the following upgrades from the tuning shop.

power restrictor

The improvement of the power limiter in Gran Turismo 7.

You can find the Power Limiter in the Club Sports tab of the Tuning Shop, and it only costs 800 Credits. This upgrade allows you to limit the power of your engine by restricting its intake. That is what it means to reduce the power, which is essential for the setting in the sport mode of Grand Touring 7.

You’ll need to use the power limiter in conjunction with the fully customizable computer (explained later) to meet the HP requirements. The adjustment intervals are not always consistent.

A setting to the left reduces your HP by three, but another setting reduces it by four. You might find yourself at 294 and 296 HP, and never get to 295. Trust us, it’s incredibly frustrating, and that one HP makes all the difference. Play around with the power restrictor and computer until you get to 295.


The improvement of the ballast of Gran Turismo 7.

In the same Club Sports tab, buy it for 500 credits. Ballast adds weight to your car, meaning if it’s below the minimum required, adding and adjusting ballast can overcome it.

However, ballast can only add a maximum of 200kg (or 441lbs) to your cars. So if you buy weight reduction body upgrades from the tuning shop, make sure you can add at least 441 pounds to the car with the ballast.

To keep things simple, if the daily race B minimum weight is 2,646 pounds, the lightest car you can enter is 2,205 pounds. If you add a ballast of 200 kg, you will be at the minimum required.

Fully customizable computer

The fully customizable computer upgrade in Gran Turismo 7.

As with the power limiter, with this computer you reduce HP. You can find her in the Semi-Racing tab for 4,500 credits. Use in conjunction with the Limiter to effectively de-tune your performance cars to meet maximum HP requirements.

For example, we got a 481 HP ’16 Camaro SS down to 235 HP by setting the power limiter and computer to zero (or all the way to the left). In this case, we were able to afford to make 60 HP worth of modifications to the engine to increase overall performance while staying below the minimum HP. So why is it important?

How to gain advantage in Sport mode

Two cars race around a corner in Gran Turismo 7.

If you’ve played sport mode, you’re probably wondering how other cars can be so much faster than yours. If everyone has to run with the same HP how are they so far ahead of the curve? It’s simple: while most cars hit the same top speed (approximately 140-150 MPH), it’s how fast they get there that matters.

Anything you can do to increase acceleration will give you a comparative advantage in Sport mode. Fully customizable transmissions are a great way to tweak your gears to increase it. Buying the body stiffness upgrade at the tuning shop also makes your car more aerodynamic.

Lastly, equipping your car with the best brake and suspension systems gives you more stopping power on tight turns and allows you to take them without compromising speed.

The longer you take to brake, the faster your laps will be. Buy Racing brake pads and brake kit (slotted or drilled, it doesn’t matter) in the Racing tab of the tuning shop.

While you’re there, buy the sport suspension or the fully customizable one. Either of them allows you to adjust the height of your car, but the second one allows you to change the angle of the wheels.

There is no “best setting” answer for suspension as it is different from car to car and player to player. However, we have had success lowering the front end as low as possible, while the rear is 10-15 points higher.

Set your best qualifying time

This is an overlooked piece of advice that is more important than you think. Before entering the race, select the qualifying time trial option right after the car settings.

You can do races with qualifying time after you enter, but you could get stuck driving a car that you’re not performing well with. Qualifying times determine where on the grid you start.

Good luck getting out of the ditch if you start at the back. Even with the “sportsmanship points”, the first corner of Deep Forest Raceway is a real battle royale. Those with the best qualifying times come out ahead.

Luckily, it takes your best qualifying time out of all the cars, which means if you set a good record in one car, you can switch cars and still come out with a decent position.

The best cars for sports mode in Gran Turismo 7

The Nissan L500 Hybrid from Gran Turismo 7.

You’ve probably outfitted a lot of cars with all of the above upgrades and noticed significant time differences. This is because every car is different, even though they weigh the same and have the same HP.

Some are more agile, while others accelerate faster. To determine the best cars for the Sport Mode of Grand Touring 7, check out the Top 10 Leaderboards to see what the others are driving. Unfortunately, this is where Sport Mode walks a fine line between competitiveness and pay-to-win.

Eight of the top 10 racers (at the time of writing) in Daily Race B use the 2017 L500 HYbrid VGT. Unfortunately, that car can only be purchased from Brand Central and costs 1,000,000 Credits. You don’t need to do any tuning upgrades (because you can’t) other than adding a drag, which coincidentally puts it right at marker 2646.

The leaderboards of the daily race B of the sports mode of Gran Turismo 7.

You’ll find the L500 HYbrid on the European tab of Brand Central. Scroll to France and select Peugeot. The L500 is the penultimate car. The first time I met someone driving this car, I almost accused him of cheating.

But after watching it enough times, it’s clear that it’s the goal. No matter how well we tuned our TT Coupe (the car we set our best times in before the L500), we never lost a daily B race again once we bought the L500.

Interestingly, the number one ranked driver used the ’94 R32 GT-R V-spec II to set the world record time. However, you cannot buy that car at Brand Central.

To unlock the Nissan R32 Spec in Grand Touring 7, you must complete menu book 18, the Nissan Sports Car Collection. The R32 is a career reward. Coincidentally, buying all four weight reduction upgrades for the Nissan puts you right at 2646.

Maybe this means something for the future? Curious that both the Nissan and the L500, with the proper upgrades, hit the point weight requirement.

Yes, it’s possible to earn 1,000,000 credits by crushing the world circuit, but what happens when the daily races change and a new metacar is upgraded?

Luckily, the Daily Race A metacar is the ’11 Aqua S, which everyone should own. On the other hand, there are only three cars that you can use in the daily race A.

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