Tuesday, March 21

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy gets a massive update | Digital Trends Spanish

Rockstar Games released a major update for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy which should improve game performance on all platforms. This is a new patch, the first in almost three months, which seeks to correct some bugs that the title has presented, in addition to improving its texture.

This game made news in November 2021, as it was released with several bugs and problems that affected its performance, which was reported by users around the world and forced the developer to respond to fan complaints.

This update improves stability and fixes checkpoint and vehicle crash detection issues, as well as giving various textures and signage a better appearance. The full list of fixes was posted on the site. RockstarGamesalong with specific update notes on each of the games.

The patch has more than 120 points and covers the different titles that are part of the collection. While they may seem minor, these fixes could make the more difficult sections within each installment a bit more accessible.

GTA: The Trilogy It includes GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA: San Andreasand since it was released at the end of last year, it has received several updates that seek to correct some of the problems it has presented.

Thus, fans hope that this massive update will allow the collection to meet the expectations that were generated once it was available in 2021.

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