Tuesday, August 9

Grande-Marlaska: “The fire policy is all year round”

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has highlighted the importance of working to prevent forest fires during any season and has advocated that the “fire policy” be applied “all year round”. This has been revealed in a visit to the Advanced Command Post in El Maíllo in Salamanca where, in addition, it has influenced the “agile response” to make it “more immediate in time and the consequences will be less” and in the recovery after the fires. Both are other important parts in a new scenario with new environmental conditions as a result of “climate change”.

Grande-Marlaska, accompanied by the Councilor for the Environment of the Junta, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, and the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia, Barcones, pointed out the work that is being done throughout Spain to stop the numerous fires that are taking place and wanted to guarantee that “the central government is going to help all those affected” to which he has added that it is a question of getting “together” out of these situations “as soon as possible”.

During his visit to learn about the situation of the Monsagro fire, which affects the provinces of Cáceres and Salamanca, the Minister of the Interior assured that although all administrations have “sufficient means” to deal with an emergency, a “situation of stress”, for which he thanked all the components of the firefighting operations for their work.

Regarding the fire that affects Monsagro and Ladrillas, Grande-Marlaska did not want to venture into giving a forecast, although he has recognized an improvement in the last few hours that will depend on “meteorological circumstances”. Regarding this fire, the minister highlighted the coordination level as it is the “first time” that a Unified Management Command has been created, as well as defending the work of the National Civil Protection System, which employs 70% of its resources in Navafría , in Segovia, and Folgoso, in Lugo.

That is why the minister has reiterated the need for the fire policy to be applied throughout the year and has recalled that the Government is preparing a “reinforcement of the National Civil Protection System” with “a response plan to reduce emergencies with a horizon of 2035” that was approved “mostly unanimously by the group of regional presidents” at the last Conference of presidents.


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