Saturday, November 27

Grandparents on demand, the service they offer in this small town to attract teleworkers

Telework is being a golden opportunity for the peoples that are running out of inhabitants: it is enough to promote yourself as a quiet place and provide a good internet connection to attract the attention of teleworkers who suffer from rents in large cities.

We have already seen concrete examples of incentives such as rents at 150 euros in some European towns, but what they offer in a city of 11,000 inhabitants of Indiana is the never seen before: “loan grandparents” to take care of your children while you telecommute. According to ABC News, the idea has already attracted hundreds of families.

You work and I take care of the children

The service has been proposed in Greensburg and it has been baptized as “grandparents on demand”, and several elderly couples are willing to care for and entertain the children of those who need to concentrate to work at home. Each married couple can take care of several children.

The reception has been spectacular: in the few days that the initiative has been underway over a thousand applications have been registered throughout the county, which has led to study whether the offer of “babysitters” can be expanded depending on the availability of empty houses that can accommodate families who telework.

The idea is that this service is free for the next six to twelve months, and is added to the rest of the incentives that are offered for those who move to Greensburg: $ 5,000 cash, discounts in the market of local products, movie tickets and up to one year of membership in local coworking. At the moment there are stakeholders “throughout the United States”, so the idea seems to work.

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