Monday, March 27


During these days when we count down to the end of the year, it is also common for us to take stock of what this year was, of the good and bad that we live. Without a doubt, poverty, inequality, racism and exclusion have worsened with the COVID-19 crisis and these are not only socio-political concepts, but they are translated into daily practices that make life impossible for many people, in many cases literally.

So starting from the explicit recognition of all those painful realities, some of which I have spoken from this space during these months, I also want to talk about a very personal reflection on something that I was not so aware of until recently.

I tend to be one of those people who are very grateful: to the person who sells me something, to whom he serves me in a bar or restaurant, to whom he writes asking how I am, to whom he tells me something nice, to places where I have been happy, to the people who have left my life and have loved and cared for me, who gives me food (to these people more than all because I love to eat), etc. Something curious happens to me with my mother-in-law and it is that every time she invites us to her house to eat I thank her when I finish eating and when I say goodbye, I can say something like “Thank you very much for everything, it has been delicious, I she has loved it “and she always tells me” daughter, don’t thank me. ” She feels that because it is about the family, there is no explicit need to thank because there is trust and there is a care agreement. And so we have been for a long time and neither has convinced the other, although I sincerely believe that it is not necessary, in fact, I am sure that you already understand a little of what my intensity is for thanking you.

What she always tells me I understand and in fact it has led me to think something that I considered natural until then; And it was when I began to look towards my maternal family and I realized that we all (I am not exaggerating) thank each other for everything we do for others, but also we even joke about it, as if making us realize how funny we are. we see forming an eternal chain —because we are a lot— of “thanks martica, thanks pedrito, thanks carito.” We feel that, even though we are family, gratitude is something that cannot be missed, showing someone how much we appreciate what they do for us, the love that they give to that, is something that should be expressed because, in addition, it is a way of return that affection also in wishes of abundance for that person.

For the indigenous peoples, we are all a sum of energy that belongs to mother earth, a sum of intentions that can be used for good or bad things and I, who am a woman from the Colombian Amazon jungle who believes in these things, I cannot take any more to join in with good intentions. For this I want to take advantage of these last days of 2021 to thank life and the universe for the wonderful things that it has given me and I could not complete that intention without coming to thank you, yes, you who have been with me for a few months now when I started this wonderful adventure of writing every week. To you who are reading me and who follow my columns, because you share my opinion or because you liked something I wrote and you decided to stay, or to you, who are reading me for the first time and you will ask yourself: What is this girl about? To all the people who have been coming to my social networks and who are waiting attentively for what I am saying every week. Thank you very, very much, for the love, for the trust, for taking the time to read me and share what I write. They do not know how much I value that people give you part of their time. May the universe multiply you in beautiful things, that heal that heart that for some reason hurts today and that next year we will continue here, conspiring with all those things we have in common and even if it makes some uncomfortable, thinking of a slightly better world and fairer.