Thursday, July 7

‘Greaser! They take away our food! ‘: They stab an Ecuadorian woman who was asking for food in Cartagena

With the body of Moroccan Younes Bilal still not repatriated to Morocco to be buried in his land, this Wednesday the Region of Murcia was once again the scene of a racist attack; this time, against an Ecuadorian woman who was stabbed in the vicinity of the Caritas commissary in Cartagena. Only four days had passed since the point-blank murder of Younes in Puerto de Mazarrón at the hands of a 52-year-old ex-military man who ended the young man’s life after a discussion in which, according to witnesses, made it clear his animosity towards the Maghreb community. “Shitty Moors, I don’t want to see you around here anymore” were some of the last words Bilal heard before receiving the three shots that ended his life in the El Muelle cafeteria.

The woman who was stabbed this Wednesday when she was heading to the queue of the Caritas de Cartagena commissary had better luck. The stabbing – shouting ‘Sudaca! They take away our food! ‘- It was not fatal, and although it reached the kidney, the victim is recovering from the attack, according to police sources.

For the time being, the aggressor will have to face a crime of injury or attempted murder, to which a hate crime could also be added if the victim denounces it as a racist attack.

Petri García, coordinator in Cartagena and counselor in Cáritas, has pointed out that the events did not occur in the queue of the commissary: ​​”The victim is a woman who had been referred by the Social Services of the City Council and from what we know is recovering in a positive”. The coordinator of this NGO has considered the attack “a specific event” and that the people who come to Caritas to receive assistance “are calm.”

On the other hand, Podemos wanted to promote this Thursday at the beginning of the plenary session an institutional declaration in the Regional Assembly condemning the “hate crime” of Younes Bilal. However, they point out from the formation, the president of the Assembly, “the defector Alberto Castillo, ignored our proposal” and limited himself to asking for a minute of silence in memory of the deceased; “by suppressing any reference to hate speech by the extreme right.”

The outpost of voters of the extreme right in Murcia is one of the most important in the country. In the regional elections of May 26, 2019, they broke in with force and were left with 9.39% of support, and four seats. In the capital, they entered the City Council with 10.12% of votes, and three councilors. Months later, in the general elections of November 10, they were crowned the most voted party in the Community, with 27.7% of the total votes cast and three deputies.

Last May the municipal group of Vox in the Murcia City Council obtained the favorable votes of the Popular Party and Citizens for the national anthem to sound in the schools of the capital, with the modification that it will be the educational centers that can request it when it is want to “give prominence” to solemn acts.