Sunday, January 29

Great and unpublished image: Mars appearing behind the Moon | Digital Trends Spanish

Space leaves us images that are worth treasuring and that are always surprising, now it is the case of a photograph by an amateur who took a snapshot of Mars appearing behind the moon after the last lunar eclipse on December 7.

The new image was captured by professional astrophotographer and Arizona resident Andrew McCarthywho shared the stunning photo on Twitter.

“This is the time that Mars peeked behind our moon,” McCarthy wrote. “Seeing another planet rising on the horizon of our moon was such a surreal experience.”

To acquire his ultra-detailed image, McCarthy used an astrophotography technique known as “lucky imaging,” which involves taking quick bursts of tens, hundreds, or thousands of photos and stacking the best ones on top of each other to form a single image. detailed. Due to the speed at which the moon travels, McCarthy had a window of only 10 seconds to take images of it to avoid blurring the lunar surface in the final image. During this short window, she took around 2,000 individual images.

“Overall, it’s one of the hardest shots I’ve ever captured,” McCarthy said. But it’s also “one of my favorite moments since I started this hobby.”

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