Friday, September 29

Greece will hold new elections on June 25

The President of Greece, Katerina Sakelaropulu, has issued a decree on Monday that dissolves the Parliament that emerged from the legislative elections of May 21 and calls new elections for June 25, given the failure in the attempts to form a Government.

Tsipras: “I don’t give up. In difficult times I learned to take responsibility and not give up the fight”


Greece thus enters an electoral period again, eight days after the Greeks went to the polls, in an election in which no party was able to win an absolute majority and all attempts to form a government failed.

The 300-seat Parliament that emerged from these elections was constituted this Sunday, to be dissolved this Monday.

New Democracy aspires to an absolute majority

In the next elections, a bonus of up to 50 seats will be reintroduced to the first party, with which the conservative New Democracy (ND) of Kyriakos Mitsotakis (prime minister until last Wednesday) aspires to achieve an absolute parliamentary majority.

Mitsotakis’s party clearly won the May 21 legislative elections, gathering more than 40% of the vote. In this way, he took more than 20 points ahead of his main rival, the opposition and leftist Syriza of former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who got 20%.

However, neither party was able to win the absolute majority of 151 seats needed to govern alone.

Mitsotakis had warned that he aspired to achieve that majority, which is why the day after the vote he refused to negotiate with his rivals to form a coalition and returned without fulfilling the order to form a government that he received from the president.

The same was done by Tsipras and the socialist leader, Nikos Andrulakis, (third political force), given that their two parties and the communists together did not reach an absolute majority in the Chamber.

According to the decree, which is also signed by the interim prime minister, magistrate Ioannis Sarmás, the Parliament that arises from the next elections will be constituted on July 3.