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Greece’s plan to become carbon neutral: make its islands energy self-sufficient

With the celebration of COP26 we have seen how several countries launch their climate commitments, such as that of end deforestation in 2030 or Saudi Arabia being completely clean in 2060 despite being a great oil exporting power. Greece also wants to become carbon neutral, but it will do so in a peculiar way: will start with its islands.

May each island have its energy

It is not a bad idea that in Greece they have taken this path: the country has nothing less than 227 inhabited islands in its territory (and many more uninhabited). And for the country to be energy efficient, each of those islands must be completely self-sufficient.

That is the starting point of proyecto Gr-Eeco Islands: that each island has its own renewable sources of energy and transport systems that do not pollute. The initiative has the support of the European Union, which has provided 100 million euros in funding. Private companies are also interested in the project, an example is this Citroën video in which they talk about their transfer of several electric cars:

It is not only more efficient that each island has its own system, also the inhabitants they can see how their bill goes down in price on about 200,000 euros per year in cases such as Jalki Island and its 482 houses. It is estimated that each inhabitant of the island would pay from 58 euros to 2 euros per month for electricity by installing a 1MW photovoltaic park. In addition, as we are talking about small islands, the autonomy of current electric cars is already more than enough.

The Gr-Eco Islands project is expected to become a source of learning so that the rest of the larger territories are also carbon neutral. The Greek government believes that this “energy independence” will mean growth for the islands’ economy, when it is usual for it to be less than that of the mainland.

Image | Alex Blajan

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