Monday, August 8

Green fuel as a strategic weapon: the US air force wants it to avoid attacks on its logistics and refueling

Generating fuel from polluting gases can help the planet a lot, but it can also be a military advantage. The american air force has been interested in the fuel that a company called E-Jet is developing, capable of being generated from carbon dioxide present in the air or water.

For the army the advantage is no longer to stop polluting the planet (which also): current fossil fuels need to be transported and aircraft refueling operations are exposed to enemy attacks and sabotage. Bringing fuel to an air base can be a very dangerous operation depending on where you are: in countries like Afghanistan they are the cause of 30% of military casualties.

If nothing is to be transported, they cannot attack anything

But if planes switch to using fuel that can be generated only from air or water, you eliminate a good part of these vulnerable transportation or refueling operations. You make air bases self-sufficient, depending on facilities that can be managed by a few people and easily scalable. Nor will it be necessary to look for locations with oil or natural gas wells: the bases could “live off the air” as they say.

In these facilities, the elements of water and carbon dioxide would be broken down and then be synthesized again in the form of various components that end up becoming fuel for aircraft. Now the main difficulty is finding a way to feed this process with clean energy, also seeking more self-sufficiency and more respect for the environment.

At the moment tests are being carried out to get to produce this fuel and mix it 50% with traditional fuels, with the ambition of being able to stop depending on fossil fuels completely one day.

Image | Anukrati Omar