Monday, May 16

Green policies for the resilient cities of the future

Local policies are a powerful and transformative tool, capable of influencing all aspects of the life of citizens. We Greens offer alternative and effective solutions for climate, housing, employment, mobility and youth problems, as well as for greater inclusion, peace and democracy. Also from the local. In the current context of health, climate, geopolitical and energy crises, the expression “think globally, act locally” takes on special relevance and urges action in communities to achieve sustainable prosperity that ensures the well-being of all people. And it is precisely in these actions where green policies make a difference.

Green regional councillors, mayors and deputies face the same challenges as the rest, but in the face of the failed and outdated recipes of the traditional parties, they propose innovative solutions. The European Green Party, together with Verdes Equo, will celebrate, for the first time in Spain, the conference of its Network of Local Charges. More than 150 green public officials, from various European countries, will exchange and promote effective proposals to achieve more resilient cities and territories, in the face of the great challenges of the 21st century. The appointment is May 7 and 8 in Valencia, an example of “green city” and “strategic use of public policies” for the green forces of the rest of Europe.

Because although the word “resilience” is the fashionable concept, the truth is that this determination in the discursive is not translating into the propositive. Instead we, as Greens, work to implement and promote policies that are allowing more and more cities to absorb the impacts of global crises and recover from them. This is particularly important in exceptional times like the one we live in, but it is built on a daily basis based on long-term transformation projects and an ambitious vision of the future.

These policies are already benchmarks in Spain for projects such as Madrid Central, the ambitious transformation of mobility in Valencia, Barcelona’s leadership in action against the climate crisis, or Mallorca’s efforts to ensure sustainable tourism that does not have a negative impact on the lives of its citizens. Throughout Europe, the Greens lead the most advanced policies in sustainable urban planning, expansion of green and recreational areas, citizen participation, support for local businesses, while turning towns and cities into true epicenters of the energy transition and green transformation of the economy.

This dynamism, as well as the willingness to seek solutions beyond our own constituents and to learn from each other, is also the reason why citizens trust us more and more. And it is also the reason that moves us to promote from the cities and municipalities the green wave that is already the alternative to the extreme right in Madrid and that aspires to flood all of Spain and southern Europe with pragmatic plural alliances.

Strengthening social relationships, making our cities greener and more liveable, ensuring that our cities are welcoming to all: this is what really creates resilient cities that improve the quality of life of their citizens. For this reason, our task will be to create synergies with the local leaders of this vision and exchange cutting-edge initiatives so that the transformation reaches every corner of Europe and our country.

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