Saturday, October 16

Greta Thunberg agitates the closure of the electoral campaign in Germany




“We are being politically betrayed!” Greta Thunberg, microphone in hand and on the stage towards which the Berlin demonstration led, one of the four hundred that take place today in Germany. Greta has charged against Angela Merkel, which he has accused of “stealing our future” and has demanded a decisive political action to protect the climate, which he does not see in any of the electoral candidates competing to succeed Merkel in the general elections on Sunday.

“That was their terrible misunderstanding,” Greta continued, “they believed that we would automatically vote for Los Verdes and that with that we would be domesticated, but our fight goes much further. It’s a fight for survival and

We are not going to stop until we manage to make ourselves heard, “he said, in a speech in which he discouraged the thousands of young people in attendance, despising voting in the elections. “If this is democracy, then it is not our fight,” he declared.

The Fridays for Future movement has distanced itself from the hunger strike that since August 30 have held several young people in front of the headquarters of the German parliament, demanding more speed in the abandonment of energy rich in emissions. “We cannot support an activity that endangers people’s lives, although we stand in solidarity with them and show them all our respect,” explained a spokesperson. Five of the six who started the protest have already abandoned it, one of the cases due to health problems, while the last one not only resists but also threatens to stop drinking fluids.

Chancellor Merkel has repeatedly expressed her concern for the health of these young people and the Social Democratic candidate, Olaf Scholz, has offered a meeting at his campaign closing rally to speak with them, in exchange for them to start eating. Scholz has not, however, committed to declaring a “Climate emergency”, as required, a situation of exception similar to that decreed to fight the pandemic and that allows the government to have unlimited policies and resources, suspending the counterweights of the separation of powers system.

The Association of German Teachers has criticized the participation of students in the demonstrations called this morning, coinciding with a school day when most of them should be in school. He has especially criticized that some schools have suspended classes to attend the demonstration en masse.

“We reject compulsory schooling in favor of political actions, in the context of the so-called climate strike,” said the president of the association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger. He was referring to the case of a Berlin teacher who advised his class to participate in the demonstration, writing to both students and their parents: “If there is a global climate strike on Friday, I personally find it highly commendable.”

He only asked the boys to deliver the following Monday a note with the parents’ signature “so we know” that they had their permission. He also posted a link to the rally call in the same email. “If we do not give importance to this, the question arises as to which political actions one would free oneself from school and for which ones not”, explained Meidinger, “is it allowed to take a day off from school in a demonstration against world hunger? , for peace in the world, for the liberation of Palestine or against ‘foreign infiltration’? … I am afraid that then there will not be a single day in the course that we teach, without going into discussing that the school should not distinguish between good and bad political actions.

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