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Greta Thunberg criticizes Amazon for destroying items | Digital Trends Spanish

Greta Thunberg harshly criticized Amazon’s procedures after it emerged that a company warehouse in Scotland was destroying thousands of undamaged items a week. This figure would reach millions of unsold products per year.

In her Twitter account, the activist recalled that a leaked document showed more than 124 thousand items marked “destroy” in just one week.

”A leaked document showed more than 124,000 items marked as & # 39; destroy & # 39; in just a week. “

This is just ONE warehouse.
If you have a system where this possible – and even profitable – that’s a clear sign that something is fundamentally wrong. https://t.co/bAMsxuZ2Nr

& mdash; Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) June 23, 2021

“And this is just a warehouse. If they have a system in which this is possible, and even profitable, it is a clear sign that something is fundamentally wrong, ”said the Swede.

Thunberg’s post is based on an ITV News investigation. The medium managed to record videos inside the company’s warehouse in Dunfermline, showing different items and devices such as televisions, laptops, jewelry, books, headphones and masks that were loaded in boxes marked with the word “destroy.”

According to an anonymous former Amazon employee, warehouse workers were assigned a goal to shred 130,000 items a week. In that same period, only 28 thousand products were marked with the word “donate”.

“There is no logic or reason for what gets destroyed: Dyson dryers, Hoovers vacuums, some MacBooks and iPads. The other day, 20 thousand anti-COVID-19 face masks still in their packaging, ”said the former employee.

The worker also added that half of the products assigned for destruction were still in their original packaging, while the other half corresponded to used items but returned in good condition.

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