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Griegos, the town of Teruel that needed children to keep their school, finds family

When David Vila and his wife saw the video that the Greek City Council had released on the networks, they did not think twice and submitted their request. “We ran a brasserie in Cretas, the town where we lived, but our contract ran out in January 2022. As a result, we were looking for work and it was when we saw the video online, we liked it, we decided to try our luck and here we are “, explains Vila.

A family with eight children saves a school in the province of Teruel from closing

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It’s that simple and complex at the same time, and the consistory chose them from among the more than 3,000 candidates from around the world who sent their petitions. Ernesto Agustí, deputy mayor of Griegos, acknowledges that the fact that the couple had experience in restoration influenced the decision, but the determining reason was that the family had previously lived in rural areas. “We are being very cautious when choosing because we do not want to make the mistake of bringing someone who is here for a year and then leaves as has happened other times. Living in a small town like this has many good things, but it can also come to be tough if you don’t know what it is, that’s why we want someone who is willing to stay here and put down roots, “says Agustí.

This is precisely what newcomers are looking for, who, thanks to the employment contract they have signed with the city council, will be able to take over the town’s hostel and the attached restaurant for a period of 15 years with the possibility of another five that can be extended. “If all goes well, we have many years ahead of working here and our intention is to settle down, raise our little girl here and be one of the people”, assures the new manager. The service both in the hostel and in the restaurant began at the end of August when the restoration works were completed in the building that now has seven rooms and a completely remodeled apartment, all thanks to an investment of 170,000 euros.

A living school

The arrival of this new family has fulfilled the main purpose of the city council, which was to maintain the number of students in the school. Little Zaida Vila and another boy from the village will cover the march of two pupils in this new school year, which starts with nine children. However, the objective is to reach at least twelve students in order to be able to divide the only classroom that there is now into two, with levels adapted to different needs.

To do this, Griegos continues looking for a second family to which he also offers work and housing. “We can say that the campaign has been a success, but it is true that we would have liked to have already had these two families in Greek for this school year, for now we already have one, but we also want to do things well and not rush, “says Agustí.

The consistory valued the request of an Argentine family with three school-age children and a one-year-old baby. However, he had to dismiss it since the town does not currently have houses with capacity for so many people. “From the city council we have put the batteries to be able to solve this problem and through subsidies from the Government of Aragon and other aid we have bought a house and our intention is to renovate it in order to attract this type of families”, explains the mayor, who hopes have this new home in just over a year.

As reflected in the promotional video, the offer includes free rent for the first three months and then goes to 225 euros with a discount of 50 for each school child. In addition, in case another family arrives, the city council offers work in the El Paladar de Aragón Restaurant, although they say they are willing to seek employment in other sectors if the future residents so demand. They also make available a coworking space that they set up a few months ago and that has high-speed fiber.

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