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Griñán will appeal to the Constitutional Court the Supreme Court ruling and will ask to suspend the execution of his sentence

The lawyer José María Calero, who defends the former socialist president of the Junta de Andalucía José Antonio Griñán, announced this Tuesday that he will challenge the Supreme Court ruling that confirms the sentence imposed on said leader by the First Section of the Constitutional Court. Court of Seville, for the specific procedure through which the regional subsidies were channeled with which the fraudulent EREs and the direct and arbitrary aid to companies were financed. The lawyer has stressed that Griñán “has never taken a single euro from public funds and has not known anyone to take it nor is it related to any criminal act.”

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In statements to Europa Press Televisión, José María Calero considered the aforementioned Supreme Court ruling to be “incorrect, erroneous” and “clearly unfair”, which, in the face of the appeals filed against the aforementioned initial ruling of the First Section of the Court of Appeals, Seville, confirms the decision of said instance to sentence the former socialist presidents Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán, imposing the first of them nine years of special disqualification for prevarication and the second six years and two days in prison and 15 years and two days of Special disqualification for continued crimes of embezzlement and prevarication.

The lawyer has thus explained that Griñán is “disgusted” at the Supreme Court’s ruling, but “integrity, with a clear conscience and the certainty that he has never taken a single euro from public funds, he has not known that someone took it nor does he have connection with any criminal act.

“Consciousness and clean heritage”

With “a clear conscience and heritage”, according to the lawyer, Griñán is already thinking about preparing “the best possible appeal before the Constitutional Court”. To this end, as he specified, the dissenting votes of two of the five members of the court that issued said sentence constitute “a ray of hope”, since such dissenting votes refer precisely to “the crime of embezzlement” attributed to Griñán and the basis of his prison sentence.

Once the full sentence is known, with such dissenting votes, foreseeably in September, it will be possible, according to Calero, to raise an “incidence of annulment” of the Supreme Court’s sentence if it incurs a “violation of rights” or appeal for protection before the Supreme Court. Constitutional Court, also weighing the “possibility” of requesting a pardon from the Government.

Suspend the execution of the sentence

In any case, these are options subject to “the request for suspension of the execution” of the sentence, “to try to prevent Griñán from entering prison” and “postpone” such extreme “to the moment in which the Constitutional Court can pronounce ”.

“We hope to be able to find a solution in the legal instruments, to deal with this resolution that we consider clearly unfair,” said José María Calero, emphasizing that the aforementioned two dissenting votes in the court that issued the Supreme Court ruling reflect “to what extent point” Griñán is “close” to a favorable resolution.

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