Friday, June 9

“Group of 5 girls, free bottle”: the controversial party that Palma City Council has banned

“Group of 5 girls, free bottle and many more surprises. My people, don’t miss one of the best parties in Palma de Mallorca”. This is how a party was announced that had to be held last Friday in a room in the Son Castelló industrial estate (Palma), but which the City Council has banned for “objectifying women in their advertising and inciting the consumption of alcohol among minors”.

The Social Justice, Feminism and LGTBI area decided to file a complaint with the Local Police and the Tourism, Health and Consumption area, alerting that both physical posters and advertising on social networks used women as a claim. In addition, according to the Consistory, the messages implied that the party was aimed at minors, since the term ‘nina’ (girl in Catalan) was used.

According to the City Council, on the other hand, an incitement to alcohol consumption among minors was deduced from the publication, since the message “group of five girls, free bottle” was used as a claim. From the Consistory they have remembered that the advertising of alcohol directed specifically to minors is totally prohibited, the same the sale to minors of 18 years.

The posters of the event were hung on lampposts near schools and in the Parc de ses Estacions, where there are still some attached to lampposts.

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