Saturday, November 27

Group of experts launches book on regulation and taxation of cryptoactives | Bitcoin Portal

This week, a group of experts in the legal and accounting areas is launching the book ‘Cryptoativos Estudos Regulatórios e Tributário’, by the publisher Quartier Latin, in which 42 authors lecture on 544 pages on various topics within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Some of the themes, for example, are the creation of specific rules for Initial Currency Offerings (ICOs); and find a path to new solutions adapted to the challenges of digital innovations based on the Brazilian regulatory sandbox

Regarding the accounting part that involves trading cryptocurrencies, the book addresses some premises, as highlighted in the synopsis:

“In the event that cryptoactives are acquired for the purpose of being traded and this is part of the entity’s business model, they must follow the inventory accounting standard. On the other hand, if the purpose is different, they must be accounted for in accordance with the intangible assets standard”.

The work was coordinated by Alexandre Evaristo Pinto, Roberto Quiroga Mosquera and Pedro Eroles. The book ‘Criptoativos Estudos Regulatórios e Tributário’ can be found on Amazon at a price of R$ 228.00.

Publications on regulation and taxation

Since it gained popularity, the cryptocurrency market started to be appreciated in several areas of study, such as Computer Science, Engineering, among others.

In recent years, after much of the technology has been dissected, the legal and accounting areas have gained greater prominence, as the issue of cryptocurrency regulation advances in several countries, including Brazil.

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