Thursday, October 28

Groupon admonished by UK regulator and told to give full cash refunds to disgruntled customers that need it

Andrea Coscelli, chief executive of the CMA, said: “So much of business relies on trust. It’s essential that people shopping online receive what they ordered and are supported if things go wrong, quickly receiving any refund they are due.

“We welcome that Groupon has now committed to address concerns about customer service issues and ensure it is abiding by the law, so that people can feel more confident shopping online in the future.”

A Groupon spokesperson said: “Groupon has been working constructively with the CMA throughout the consultation process. We are pleased to have resolved the matter and reached a mutually acceptable solution.

“While Groupon has not been found liable for any breach of UK consumer laws, we have undertaken to invite certain categories of customers to request a refund if they were previously unsatisfied with their experience. We view that agreement to be a part of and reinforcing our standing commitment to a great customer experience.”

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