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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the best cover letter of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or simply, the Guardians of the Galaxy video game that will arrive on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC consoles on October 26. And it is because the work done by Eidos-Montréal with Lara Croft’s latest adventure is simply great, so there is no reason to doubt the quality of the Guardians of the Galaxy game.

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And don’t worry, if you were left with a bittersweet feeling with Marvel’s avengers (also published by Square Enix, but developed by Crystal Dynamics) rest assured that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy it will leave you satisfied. The reason? Many players believe that the great defect of the Avengers video game is that it did not end up being defined on what type of game it is, and that seems more than clear with the Guardians of the Galaxy, which will be only a third-person shooter video game for a player. Therefore, we tell you everything we know about the Guardians of the Galaxy video game.

Price, editions and release date

The release date of the Guardians of the Galaxy video game is October 26. The title will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch via a cloud version, and PC via Steam.

Also, there will be two editions available in both physical and digital versions. The first will be the standard one, which simply includes a physical or digital copy of the base game without any additional downloadable content. It will cost $ 60 and you can pre-order it on sites like Amazon.


There will also be an edition called “Cosmic Deluxe Edition”, which includes a copy of the game, a metal case (steelbook), the digital download of the original soundtrack of the game, a hardcover minibook with game art and two downloadable content. which are the Astro-Lord and Urban-Lord outfits for Star-Lord. It will cost $ 80 and you can pre-order it on sites like Amazon.



The story of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy It occurs when the Guardians have been together for less than a year and are dedicated to traveling the galaxy in search of adventure and money. According to Square Enix, part of the team’s vagrant attitude is that they want to leave behind the memories of a galactic war that occurred 12 years ago.

In this way, Star-Lord, Grax, Gamora, Rocket and Groot reach a restricted area of ​​space that is littered with remnants of war, where they find a valuable monster with which they can make a small fortune. However, true to form, their hunt does not go as expected and they end up unleashing a series of catastrophic events.


The first thing you should know about the gameplay of the Guardians of the Galaxy video game is that you only control Star-Lord and that, during the battles, you will be able to give directions to the rest of the team. Surely this decision will disappoint some players, but to play through the gameplay trailers that we have seen, controlling only Star-Lord benefits the rhythm of the game, since using several characters would surely have required transitions that, if they were not carried out correctly , would hinder the action.

Of course, not controlling all the characters means that in addition to dealing blows and shots with Star-Lord, you must manage your team to succeed in combat. We know that Drax acts as the brute force character, while Rocket can attack multiple enemies at once, while Groot acts as a kind of healer.

The second thing you should know is that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a game with a lot of emphasis on its narrative, so throughout the game you will hear dozens of lines of dialogue between the characters. True to the essence of the Guardians, the dialogue will constantly be hilarious and will also create disputes in the characters. This is where you will have to make decisions, such as approving that Grax throws Rocket over a ravine in order to activate the bridge. We know that these decisions will change the mood of the characters, but we do not know what impact it will have on the development of the story.

Outside of that, expect an action game in objective view and with plenty of cinematic action. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy It looks good and also, it looks like it will be entertaining.

Cross-gen on PlayStation and Xbox

An image from the Guardians of the Galaxy video game

The best news for PS4 or Xbox One players who plan to renew their console for a PS5 or an Xbox Series X / S in the upcoming holiday season is that if you buy the game you will receive both versions, regardless of whether your purchase is physical or digital. That is, if you pre-order the Guardians of the Galaxy video game for PS4, you will also have the PS5 version. And don’t worry, if your game is physical, just put your disk in your next-generation console. Ah, how good it feels not to have to pay $ 10 more for a game you already own.

Nintendo Switch version

If you only have Nintendo Switch and you are a staunch fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy, don’t worry, you will not have to spend a considerable amount to get a PlayStation or an Xbox, because the video game will arrive on the Nintendo console with a cloud version. In case the term does not sound familiar to you, imagine it as a Netflix movie, although of course, with a video game.


To be able to play this version you will require a good quality and permanent connection to the internet. It’s not the first Switch game to be played via the cloud, in fact Square Enix did it successfully with Hitman 3. Unfortunately, the official page of Hitman 3 in the eShop does not clarify what is the recommended connection, but in some forums suggest at least 20 megabits of upload and download. It is not the most accessible connection, but it is not an insane requirement either.

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