Tuesday, August 9

Guerrera assured that there are “strong investments” to recover the railway system

He pointed out that “we are doing through Argentine Trains, with Martín Marinucci at the head, strong investments not only in the metropolitan area with regard to passenger trains but also throughout the interior of the country.”

Likewise, they are “generating better conditions, better tracks, better rolling stock for everything that is freight train that will allow us in logistics to be more competitive internationally”, he claimed.

He referred to the train that connects Junín with Rufino, in the province of Santa Fe, and explained that “in the first days of November we will be recovering that section that had been cut in 2017 as a result of the flooding and destruction of the embankment.”

“By the end of November or the beginning of December we will be extending the service to Laboulaye, province of Córdoba”, where “the freight train is already marching on those tracks that had been lost and now we come with passengers to also recover services” .

He stressed that this recovery “has been made in other parts of the country, where the passenger train had not run for 40 or 50 years.”

He argued that “the work is intense, requires large and heavy investments, we also work with international organizations and bilateral agreements for the acquisition of rolling stock and recovery of the roads.”

“There is a strong political decision by our president to recover the national railway system, because of what it meant, because the most developed countries in the world handle cargo and passengers through trains, and because it is what we Argentines deserve” , he concluded.