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Guess ATM key algorithm even if you cover it with your hand | Digital Trends Spanish

The technique of covering the keypad of an ATM (also known as ATM) to hide the four- or five-digit password may not be as effective for an ATM. machine learning algorithm.

This because a group of researchers used almost 6,000 videos of people putting their hands to cover the digits of the password; Despite this, the prediction model trained to analyze the movements was able to guess the four-digit passwords 41 percent of the time.

In the case of five-digit passwords, the success rate was lower (30 percentage points), but equally high considering that the buttons to be pressed were mostly covered.

How is this accomplished? The algorithm excludes keys that have not been pressed when analyzing hand movements and calculating the distance between two keys.

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In addition, the position of the camera plays an important factor in the analysis, since being positioned just above the ATM, better results are achieved. And if the camera is capable of capturing audio, the algorithm has a better chance of success.

According to the researchers, this experiment is proof that no password protection system is completely secure, not even one. physical like this. One of the recommendations they deliver is that users opt for longer passwords, since the five-digit passwords are more secure by default.

Also, one of the best measures to take is a keyboard in which the order of the buttons changes randomly. But this is hardly feasible, so the best advice – for now – when entering a password at an ATM is to try to cover most of the keyboard.

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