Wednesday, July 6

Guess how many ads per hour Disney Plus will have | Digital Trends Spanish

The executives of Disney Plus have already announced that in the coming months they will implement a subscription plan with ads to lower costs for users.

Now various media reports such as Variety and The Wall Street Journal are approaching the amount of advertising that the platform will have.

According to these reports, there will be four minutes of ads every one hour of series or movie playback.

This is considerably lower than the average for other platforms that already use advertising, such as HBO or Hulu.

To put some context: those numbers are on par with those of the version with ads of HBO Max and behind other subscription services such as Peacock (five minutes) or Hulu (between 9 and 12 minutes).

Disney Plus executives prefer to be cautious because they do not want to fill the platform with advertising and seek a balance to maintain the user experience.

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