Tuesday, July 5

Guide to get around the summer of works in Madrid’s public transport: Metro, Cercanías and alternative services

The summer of 2021 will once again be work on public transport in Madrid. Four Metro lines and seven Cercanías lines will suffer cuts in the service for the development of the works, which will run from the second half of June until well into September.

Although there will be alternative services, some areas of the capital or the region (Fuenlabrada, for example) will have more difficult access due to the interruption of communications by rail during part of the summer period. In this guide you can consult, ordered by start dates, all the cuts, their duration and alternative services, in addition to observing their scope on the map.

Monday June 21: cut in Metrosur

The first of the cuts in the Metro service will affect the towns of Móstoles and Fuenlabrada. Line 12 (MetroSur) will stop operating between 9 of its 28 stops for two and a half months, between the Hospital de Móstoles and Conservatorio stations. It will start on June 21 and will end, predictably, on September 12.

The works affect a 12-kilometer section, the last remaining of the 40-kilometer line, to be renewed, and include the repair of the concrete platform of the track by means of injections and transversal trenches, the repair of the gutters and the replacement of elastic plugs by direct fixing plates.

  • LINES AFFECTED: MetroSur (line 12)
  • ESTIMATED DATE OF WORKS: from June 21 to September 12, 2021
  • ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: The Community of Madrid announces that there will be “a free substitute bus service for Metro users that will guarantee mobility in this same section”, although it has not detailed its route or schedule.

Thursday, July 1: Metro line 6 in the Pacific

In Madrid capital, Metro will close a section of line 6, between the Sainz de Baranda and Pacífico stations. It will be from July 1 to July 31 and during this month of works it will be used to undertake work on the deamiating and modernization of the Conde de Casal station, as an investment of 6 million euros.

  • LINES AFFECTED: Circular (line 6), between Sainz de Baranda and Pacífico
  • ESTIMATED DATE OF WORKS: from July 1 to July 31, 2021
  • ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: To be determined

Thursday July 1: C-4 in Getafe

The renovation of the floating slab at the Getafe Centro station, where the superstructure will also be modified and the tunnel will be electrified, will force the suspension of train circulation on the section of line C-4 that goes from Las Margaritas to Getafe Sector 3 during the months of July and August, from July 1 to August 31, both included.

Renfe will establish shuttles between the Parla and Getafe Sector 3 stations. Similarly, shuttle trains will run between Las Margaritas and Villaverde Alto. The trains coming from Alcobendas / San Sebastián de los Reyes and Colmenar Viejo will end the journey in Villaverde Alto. Between August 7 and 31, shuttles will be placed between Pinto and Atocha, passing through Villaverde Bajo.

Travelers will be able to use the special bus services from Parla chartered by Cercanías Madrid, which will enable different lines from Parla Norte and Parla Este, towards Parque Polvoranca, Villaverde Bajo and Pinto. There will also be bus service between Getafe Sector 3 and Las Margaritas, and Getafe Centro and Villaverde Alto.

  • ESTIMATED DATE OF WORKS: from July 1 to August 31, 2021
  • ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: shuttles between the stations of Parla and Getafe Sector 3. Buses from Parla Norte and Parla Este direction Parque Polvoranca, Villaverde Bajo and Pinto

Monday, July 5: line 9 in Arganda

Line 9 will be cut in Arganda del Rey to reinforce the infrastructure in this section from July 5 to August 31 (although this last date is not yet final). The station will be without service during this period.

  • LINES AFFECTED: 9 Metro. Only in Arganda del Rey
  • ESTIMATED DATE OF WORKS: from July 5 to August 31, 2021
  • ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: To be determined

Monday, July 12: line 7 in the Corredor del Henares

On July 12, the service is scheduled to be cut again at the end of line 7, between the stations of La Rambla and Hospital del Henares. For two and a half months (until September 24), the works will repair the track platform between the Henares and Jarama stations, damaged by water leaks.

In addition, the works will serve to implement a diagonal between the San Fernando and La Rambla stations that will serve to improve the service, allowing the rolling stock to carry out different maneuvers from this section when the service needs so require. They have a budget of more than 1.6 million euros.

  • LINES AFFECTED: 7 of the Metro, between La Rambla and Hospital del Henares
  • ESTIMATED DATE OF WORKS: from July 12 to September 24, 2021
  • ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: To be determined

Saturday, July 24: tunnel of laughter

The section of Cercanías between Atocha and Nuevos Ministerios that passes through Recoletos will be cut for more than a month for works this summer. Adif will take advantage of the summer months of 2021 to improve accessibility, change the flooring and vertical cladding of the platforms in Recoletos, which was also undergoing construction last summer.

The works will entail the closure of the Recoletos tunnel, through which five Cercanías lines pass (C-1, C-2, C-7, C-8 and C-10). The rail traffic cut will last from July 24 to August 29, both days included. Throughout this period, Renfe will enable free EMT buses to circulate between the Atocha, Recoletos and Nuevos Ministerios stations.

  • LINES AFFECTED: C-1, C-2, C-7, C-8 and C-10
  • ESTIMATED DATE OF WORKS: from July 24 to August 29, 2021
  • ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: lines C-3 and C-4 (Nuevos Ministerios – Sol – Atocha) and free buses of the EMT to circulate between the stations of Atocha, Recoletos and Nuevos Ministerios

Sunday, August 1: Metro line 9

Line 9 will be closed in the capital throughout the month of August (from 1 to 31) between the stations of Colombia and Plaza de Castilla. The reason is the removal of asbestos in Duque de Pastrana, where the station is also being modernized. The cost of the works is in this case 4.5 million euros.

  • LINES AFFECTED: 9 of Metro
  • ESTIMATED DATE OF WORKS: from August 1 to 31, 2021
  • ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: To be determined

Saturday August 7: C-5 at Orcasitas

Finally, at the Orcasitas station, on the C-5, Adif will completely demolish the current slab track and carry out the necessary excavations to rebuild the ballasted track on both tracks, implementing an adequate drainage system with the aim of avoid in the future problems of seats and flooding.

The works will force the cut of the C-5 in the section that goes from Puente Alcocer to Orcasitas during several weeks of the month of August, specifically between the 7th and 29th, which will affect travelers who travel to Leganés or Fuenlabrada.

To facilitate mobility, Renfe will enable trains between Móstoles-El Soto and Atocha and between Humanes and Villaverde Alto, with a frequency of 10 minutes. A shuttle will also be launched between Atocha and Doce de Octubre with a frequency of 20 minutes. And you can use the buses numbers 60, 78 and 116 of the EMT between Orcasitas and Puente Alcocer for free.

  • LINES AFFECTED: C-5, in Orcasitas
  • ESTIMATED DATE OF WORKS: from August 7 to 29, 2021
  • ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: Free buses of EMT 60, 78 and 116 of the EMT between Orcasitas and Puente Alcocer. Shuttle from Atocha to Doce de Octubre.