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Guide to know how the restrictions will be in Madrid from next Monday

The Community of Madrid is moving towards the end of the restrictions now that the cumulative incidence stands at 113 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the region and the population immunized with the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine now exceeds 80%. Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced on Monday the end of the time restrictions with an order that will take effect on September 20 and that includes other changes that we explain below.

Ayuso eliminates time restrictions in the hotel industry and nightlife in Madrid from Monday 20

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End of time restrictions in the hospitality industry.

The hotel industry and nightlife will no longer have time limitations as of next Monday. The restoration now closes at 1:00 without being able to admit new customers at 00:00, and the nightlife at 3:00. As of September 20, these limitations will disappear.

Do the capacities change in the hospitality industry?

Yes. As of 00.00 hours on Monday – early Sunday morning – the restaurant capacity goes from 50% to 75% indoors and is extended to 100% outdoors, that is, hoteliers will recover on the terraces the number of tables prior to the pandemic.

What about the number of diners per table?

The maximum number of six people per table is maintained inside restaurants and cafeterias. Change in the terraces, which will go from the current 8 to 10.

And with bar consumption?

It will continue to be prohibited.

Are there changes in the capacity of nightlife?

The capacity of the nightclubs and cocktail bars also changes. If until now it could not exceed 50%, these establishments will be able to increase the number of people to 75% of their capacity.

Will you be able to dance on the slopes and consume in the bar?

Dancing in discos or bar consumption in these establishments will still not be allowed. The use of the mask while not eating or drinking is mandatory.

Cinemas and theaters.

The capacity allowed in cultural activities and shows in cinemas and theaters increases from 75% to 100%, with the exceptions that we will mention below.

Can you eat in these spaces?

In theaters, auditoriums and similar spaces, the consumption of beverages and meals will only be allowed in places specially established for it, outside the hall during the performance, as the capacity is 100% and adequate ventilation cannot be guaranteed.

Movie theaters and tent circuses remain at 75% of the capacity with consumption of food and drink, as they have been up to now, or 100% in the event that they choose not to have consumption of food and drink.

And the capacity of museums and libraries?

In museums, exhibition halls and monuments the capacity is increased from 75% to 100% and the groups are extended to 20 people. It also rises from 75% to 100% in libraries and archives, but the obligation to keep a distance of 1.5 meters is maintained.

The capacity in the bullrings and in the large stadiums is also increased.

In the bullrings and multipurpose multipurpose spaces, such as the WiZink Center, the capacity increases from 50% to 75%.

Can there be big concerts with people standing up?

Not yet, the obligation for the public to be seated remains.

Are there changes for sports facilities?

Sports facilities, both indoor and outdoor, will have time freedom but an indoor capacity of 75% is maintained.

Can you stop using the mask in these spaces?

Only if it is outdoors both in groups and individually.

What about the capacity at weddings?

The banquet halls increase their capacity to 75%. Also zoos, casinos and gambling establishments.

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