Tuesday, December 6

Guyana in dispute with Venezuela and with Twitter and Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

Guyana has a population of 786,559 inhabitants according to the 2020 census, and it is a small country in South America whose capital is Georgetwon. Today the nation on the Atlantic coast is in a territorial dispute with Venezuelasince in several social network maps Essequibo is shown as Venezuelan territory.

For this reason, the Guyanese Foreign Minister, Robert Persaud, decided to make a formal claim to Facebook and Twitter to make a correction of these maps.

“The Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as subsequent comments around these particular posts, have the potential to permanently damage inter-State relations, incite violence against the territory and people of Guyana, and derail the adjudication current status of the matter before the International Court of Justice (ICJ),” reads the statement.

The area in dispute between Venezuela and Guyana, which covers some 160,000 square kilometers west of the Essequibo River, includes maritime and territorial areas as well as rich natural reserves. For Guyana, which currently exercises sovereignty in the area, the Essequibo means two thirds of its territory.

Persaud added on the subject that, “in this sense, I request that this type of publication on Facebook and Twitter that violates the basic principle of international relations between States, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and incites a threat of use of force against Guyana, be removed immediately and stricter measures be taken against their publications.”

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