Wednesday, January 26

Guzmán announced that he will add funds for Science and Technology

But as this year’s recovery will be greater than expected, it will be around 10%, GDP will expand accordingly, and the portfolio budget will be out of date. With this scenario, Guzmán anticipated that next year extra funds will be added until reaching the committed percentage, in line with economic growth.

From the portfolio that Filmus leads, they considered the confirmation of the budget expansion as an important gesture while negotiations with the IMF are being held. They understand that it is a way of demonstrating that Science and Technology is a strategic area that will not suffer cuts. “In my experience, this is the first time that it is proposed to address the budget difference in advance, usually it is done in past due period” , stressed the Minister.

Knowledge economy

The meeting, which was also attended by the president of CONICET, Ana Franchi, the President of the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation, Fernando Peirano, and a group of scientists from different areas, was drawn as one of the central axes the need to accelerate training programs in trades linked to the knowledge economy.

On this point, the strategy will be to generate Technology Centers and Technology Transfer Institutions that link science with production. They aim not only to promote the software industry or the knowledge economy, but also to promote the export output of different sectors such as agribusiness, energy, industry, mining, biotechnology and aeronautics, among others, that they can acquire greater competitiveness with the application of new technologies.

The National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation plays an important role in this regard. It currently finances 8 thousand projects, 5,500 science and 1,700 initiatives of innovative SMEs. “The strengthening of the scientific and technological system is central. Having the ability to generate knowledge and apply it to production is essential for the development of our nation and we are going to continue investing in this path, ”said Guzmán.