Sunday, August 7

Hacking T-Mobile affects more than 47 million users | Digital Trends Spanish

In the United States, the communications company T-Mobile reported a security problem in which hackers they stole information from more than 47 million users that were in their databases.

The cyber attack occurred on an unspecified date and T-Mobile claimed, through a statement, that the stolen data did indeed include users’ personal information. Despite this, the preliminary investigation found no evidence that credit cards or payment information were compromised.

However, information on more than 850,000 T-Mobile prepaid users, such as people’s names, phone numbers, and security PINs, was leaked. The company has already taken action and has reset all PINs, and recommends that its postpaid or contract customers change these codes as a preventive measure.

T-Mobile indicates that as soon as they learned of the fact, they partnered with cybersecurity experts to contain the problem and find out exactly what happened. Among other measures implemented, two years of McAfee’s identity protection service will be offered at no cost to users whose data has been compromised.

Beyond the above, for now it is not clear how or when this situation occurred, which has put the entire security of the company in suspense. T-Mobile says it was a “highly sophisticated” attack against its servers and security systems and therefore the conclusions are probably not immediate.

During the weekend, the site Motherboard reported that data from millions of customers was already for sale in internet forums and it is believed that this movement is associated with the T-Mobile hack. The seller claimed that the registry contained 100 million user data, more than double the amount officially revealed by the company.

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