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Haiti detains a Florida doctor as alleged architect of the assassination of the president

The Haitian authorities have announced this Sunday the arrest of one of the alleged architects of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a doctor living in Florida, in the United States.

Keys to understanding what happened in Haiti

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“When the advance of the bandits was blocked, the first person they called was Emmanuel Sanon,” said the director general of the Haitian National Police, Léon Charles, in an intervention before the press, in which he considered that the motive of the crime is “political”.

The police are also investigating two other alleged perpetrators of the assassination, who were in contact with Sanon, but whose identities were not disclosed.

Similarly, the police have taken “precautionary measures” against those responsible for the security of President Moise and information is being collected in order to determine “the degree of involvement of each one”.

A Venezuelan company

According to the investigations, Sanon contacted a Venezuelan security company based in the United States to recruit members of the command that allegedly perpetrated the assassination.

Sanon entered Haiti on a private flight in early June, accompanied by some of the Colombian mercenaries, whom he hired in order to guarantee his personal safety and that of his business, according to the police account.

Later, “the mission changed” and one of the Colombians was presented with an arrest warrant against the President of the Republic. “The operation was mounted from there,” Charles said.

Among other details of the investigation into Sanon, the head of the police has said that a kepi was found in his home with the letters DEA written on it, which are those of the US agency for the fight against drug trafficking.

Sanon is the third Haitian arrested in the case, in addition to 18 other Colombians accused of being part of the command that allegedly attacked the residence of Jovenel Moise last Wednesday. Another five Colombians are on the run and three died in shootings with the police, which took place between Wednesday and Thursday in different parts of Port-au-Prince.

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