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HalloApp, a new social network where there are no likes | Digital Trends Spanish

Two former WhatsApp employees have just launched a new social network called HalloApp, which, according to them, is “the first social network in which relationships are real.”

HalloApp is built under a kind of mantra: “Imagine that your online friends are your real friends”, they say in the official Web site. In a lengthy post, the creators of HalloApp detail what they consider to be a major problem with modern social media, which has to do with the fact that users often come across posts that don’t really interest them. And that your private conversations are not really private.

The idea of ​​HalloApp is to be a social network in which the users are not the product. Available now in ios Y Android, in HalloApp there is no algorithm behind the main page, nor any ads, likes or filters for photos. Privacy seems to be the most important thing and therefore sensitive information is not collected from users who use it.

“Our vision with HalloApp is simple,” say its founders. “We want to build a simple, safe and private place for people to share the content that matters to them, with the people who matter most to them.”

HalloApp has a very simple interface. Friends’ posts are displayed in the main area, but there are also tabs for groups and conversations with another person.

An email address is not required to create an account, as the system sends a text message with a code to the cell phone.

As always happens with these alternative social networks, it will be necessary to see if it takes off and has a success even if it is moderate or if it remains in a curiosity that closes after a short time because nobody uses it. The truth is that it seems difficult to lose weight from other social networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp, whose use is so widespread that it prevents applications with better features and benefits from being able to remove users or reduce their influence.

And who are the former WhatsApp employees behind HalloApp? It’s about Neeraj Arora and Michael Donahue. Arora was the company’s business director and was behind the sale to Facebook; Meanwhile, Donahue was WhatsApp’s director of engineering until 2019. It is not difficult to imagine that both left Facebook for not sharing the philosophy of said social network.

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