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Halo Infinite, first (and very good) impressions | Digital Trends Spanish

Last weekend a first multiplayer test of Halo Infinite. Due to the delay of more than a year – from 2020 until the end of 2021 – the game lives with a certain skepticism that is not unjustified, since the work of 343 Industries since Halo 4, While it has not been deficient, it has not reached the heights of excellence of what Bungie did.

Perhaps against the worst forecasts, the small beta of Halo Infinite served to give some more credit to the work of 343, because this first advance is a Halo which has brought back the spirit of the games signed by Bungie in the 2000s.

The beta of Halo Infinite just delivered a handful of classic maps and game modes (derived from team duel and capture the flag), enough to feel like this isn’t Halo 5 with its frenetic pace and its eagerness to be a shooter in the vein of Call of Duty.

Halo Infinite It made me remember the first times I played Halo 3 on smaller maps, with characters moving fast, but not as fast, and where the grenades bouncing off the walls were part of the landscape.

This first impression of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, Even in a very limited context and far from the full experience, it seems much more advanced in technical terms than a traditional beta. Wait times were relatively short, and the fluidity and sharpness of the game on the Xbox Series X was surprising. In general, the betas look less polished than a final game and have connection issues, but that one doesn’t. was the case this first weekend.

The available maps also seem taken from any other Halo, with a semi-symmetrical format and with several levels of height that are perfect for any style of play. In particular, I am a classic player: I do not leave the weapon by default and whenever I can I go melee; snipers are not my thing and I throw grenades without any faith. And in these few hours of play, beyond the modern presentation, I seemed to be testing a Halo of the usual and not a derivative of the reviled Halo 5.

For the same reason, the first impressions of Halo Infinite they are more than positive (just read what has been published around the world). The vast majority were more than satisfied with what could be played, in part because it feels like the Halo as always and because perhaps the expectations were lower than usual.

If this beta is a sample of what the final game will be, including full multiplayer and the campaign, then the unexpected could happen: that Halo Infinite be the Halo that fans have waited since Halo Reach.

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