Friday, January 21

Hampton by Hilton Rosario incorporated its investor # 50 and obtained approval to build

Argenway broke into the hotel business in 2014 based on the experience gained as a DMC (receptive tourism operator) and is currently Hilton’s main ally for developments in Argentina. Since its inception as a developer of Hampton by Hilton Bariloche To date, it has incorporated 145 investors into its developments, atomizing them in such a way that from small to large savers can be part of a hotel business, reaching them in a varied and unique way.

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The 103-room Hampton by Hilton Rosario will be a key piece in Iconcenter, the first mixed-use complex in downtown Rosario.

Miguel Sarno, a citizen of Corrientes who became the 50th Argenway investor in the development of Rosario, expressed why he decided to invest in Hampton by Hilton Rosario: “I come from a working family that always resorted to saving, but as in so many households in Argentina in the 90’s we have had sad experiences with banks. Based on this I have my alerts always on regarding these issues, that has led me to seek new ways to preserve my savings ”.

Regarding how he found out about the project, he commented: “I saw a note that told about the hotel in Bariloche and then there I began to investigate on the networks and I came across ArgenwayAfter analyzing the project with the information they sent me, I made up my mind and joined as an investor. They are very clear in the presentation of information and data, that this is essential for decision-making ”.

“My objective is the diversification of my investments, I am a small-caliber investor but I am clear that I have to diversify, I realized it especially in this time of pandemic”, Sarno analyzed, and added: “I was interested in starting on this topic of the tourism industry, it seems very promising to me.”

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The “Hampton with the best views in the world” —as it was baptized by the architects of the North American company at its inauguration— has been in operation since 2019.

On the other hand, Rubén Prósperi – historical investor of Argenway— He recounted his experience with the developer and the hotel business in Bariloche: “In these six years that I have been linked to Argenway they have always transmitted a lot of security to me, they have a very responsible and professional management and it shows that they are experts in the field. Besides that they are very transparent and always keep us informed of everything ”.

“Despite the fact that we still could not see the distribution of profits of the Hampton Bariloche reflected continuously, as a consequence of the pandemic, I consider that Argenway’s management was very good because the hotel managed to overcome the most serious crisis suffered by many items and the tourist in particular ”reflected Prósperi, adding: “I see this investment as something safe and that in the future it will be an important contribution to my retirement.”

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Entering from the “well”, the capital gain perspective is 35%, plus an annual income of 7 to 9% on the investment, according to the time of entry.

Michael Widjaja, one of the 125 investors at Hampton by Hilton Bariloche, evaluated the management of Argenway: “I see it as an investment different from a house or an apartment because those things have to be maintained, look for tenants and the way to make their accounting profitable and with this investment in the hotel in Bariloche I don’t have these issues, because all management is in the hands of Argenway ”.

Using this financing model, Argenway managed to join 125 Argentines in the development of Hampton by Hilton Bariloche, a hotel that opened in November 2019 and with successful operation since its opening. When the Patagonian hotel was going through the same instance as the development in Rosario today, it had a total of 23 investors with 12 subscribed rooms, while Hampton by Hilton Rosario, added 50 members with 34 rooms in the same period, almost triple that of Bariloche in the same instance.

How to invest in development

It is possible to participate from a room in Hampton Rosario for the equivalent of a garage and invest in cash or financed, through various modalities and benefits associated with each one.

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