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Hamster trades cryptocurrencies better than some experts | Digital Trends Spanish

Once again the reality is more than fiction and that is that a hamster in Germany has obtained more profits than some of the most important investment entities buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

The little rodent, called Mr. Goxx, has been in the cryptocurrency business for three months and according to his owner, he has achieved a 25 percent return, thus beating bitcoin, the S&P 500 and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in the same period. Mr Goxx started in June with an investment portfolio of 350 euros and by mid-September he had earned 77 euros.

Mr. Goxx placed a sell order for 36.0 XRP at 29.24 EUR (-25.59%)

Order: # 173

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& mdash; mrgoxx (@mrgoxx) September 26, 2021

Mr. Goxx’s owner built him a box called Goxx Box in which the hamster performs various exercises typical of this type of animal. These exercises are executed as specific operations with cryptocurrencies. Inside the Goxx Box, which simulates an office in miniature, There is a wheel that the little animal spins on and that is actually a roulette wheel with around 30 cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Tron, XRP and Cardano. The wheel decides which cryptocurrency it will trade at that time. Then, in the same box, there are two tunnels; si the hamster enters one he buys, and if he chooses the other, he sells.

The daily operations of Mr. Goxx are published by his anonymous caretaker on his Twitter account and his twitch channel. If the channel continues to gain popularity and subscribers, Mr. Goxx’s caretaker plans to give him new tools and more control over the operations, for example, allowing the little animal to “choose” with how much of each cryptocurrency he wants to trade.

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